Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Speech, But What Tips These Speechwriters for Washington Big-Wigs Can Give You

A very special Washington Independent Writers Workshop tonight in Bethesda MD with Dr. Rosemary King, a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Air Force who currently writes for a U.S. cabinet member (she's also the author of Border Confluences: Borderland Narratives from the Mexican War to the Present); freelancer Ed Vilade; and Fannie Mae speechwriter Jan Cook.

Speechwriting in the real world is not going to be the way it is in the classroom or in the seminar--- not as neat and clean, not as academic and cerebral. There are clients to be gotten, gatekeepers and reviewers to be circumvented and/or mollified, wooden clients to be animated, unreasonable deadlines and expectations to be surmounted. Speechwriters must address audience, message, tone, and the cadence of speaking, rather than the rhythm of the written word. While a very different style of writing, it also can be very lucrative... READ MORE AND REGISTER.
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