Monday, August 18, 2008

Mary Quattlebaum on Hello Ocean and the 5 Senses Game

My DC writing amiga and fellow WNBA member, childrens's writer Mary Quattlebaum, has just started blogging for the National Wildlife Federations' Green Hour. Here's her latest, a review of Pam Munoz Ryan's Hello Ocean:
The ocean: playful, powerful, mysterious. What kid isn't intrigued by its crashing waves and salty tang? Hello Ocean is a sense-tingling read-aloud, whether your family is anticipating a trip to the beach or simply re-visiting memories. In poetic language, author Pam Munoz Ryan explores an ocean setting through each of the five senses. The little-girl narrator sees "amber seaweed," "speckled sand," and "bubbly waves," hears the "screak of gulls," smells "reeky fish" and "musty shells." READ MORE

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