Monday, August 18, 2008

Why Blog? Writers's Blogs I've Been Reading this Month

One of my favorite bloggers, poet and visual artist Christine Boyka Kluge, has a fascinating post about blogging. I too have often questioned, why am I doing this? It's such a new form that there are few examples (though more each day) of truly outstanding blogs. Whom to emulate? There are a million different ways to go about this and there are plenty of bad blogs, certainly. For a recent writers conference, I managed to cobble together a list of some best (& worst) practices for writers's blogs. Here are some of the several writers blogs I've been reading of late:
--->Christine Boyka Kluge
Unexpected beauty.
--->E. Ethelbert Miller's E-Notes
A poet's take. Casual. Eclectic.
--->Leslie Pietrzyk's Work in Progress
Newsy, friendly, thoughtful blog by an accomplished and hard-working literary novelist.
--->David Lida's Mostly Mexico City
Nobody covers the world's wackiest megalopolis as originally as David Lida.
--->James Howard Kunstler's Clusterfuck Nation
The weekly dose of doom and gloom but oftentimes funny, in an evil sort of way. (Maybe I just have a peculiar sense of humor.)
--->Tom Christensen's Right-Reading
The uber-cool renaissance font guy.

And here's a writer I wish would blog: Hattie Ellis.