Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blogs Noted: Karen Benke, James Kunstler, Reading the Past, Karen Maezen Miller, Work-in-Progress

Huffington Post's Karen Benke
On creativity. P.S. Check out her guest-blog for Madam Mayo here.

By Tom Christensen. And this post on his new book, 1616.

Clusterf**k Nation
(Will those twin asterisks fool the google robots? One does hope so.) By James (The Long Emergency) Kunstler. Doom, gloom, general disaster, and deflation and, alas, though my take on human nature is a sight more charitable, I usually concur with his overall diagnosis. (Recently: "the only change Americans want is from the cash register at Wal-Mart." Ouch. This week, he had Senator Dodd slurping the bean soup in the Senate cafeteria.) P.S. For a vibratory antidote, Cute Overload usually does the trick. I am not kidding.

Cute Overload
Best ever: the voiceover for the Carnitas video.

Reading the Past
Like the title says.

By my amiga novelist Leslie Pietrzyk, blogging consistently and informatively on matters all & sundry about creative writing. With a beautiful, all-new cherry-pie-red design! (P.S. Leslie, thanks for the mention.)

Karen Maezen Miller
Zen. But I am not sure about the laundry part.