Tuesday, July 06, 2010

New Blog: Maximilian ~ Carlota, a resource for reseachers of the period of Mexican history known as the Second Empire or French Intervention

Still blogging here at Madam Mayo, and starting today -- read the welcome message-- I'll be blogging on Tuesdays at Maximilian ~ Carlota, for researchers of the tumultuous period of Mexican history known as the Second Empire or "French Intervention." Why another blog? I've got scads of books, papers, photos, and more from my nearly ten years of researching my novel, The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire, but also, so many readers write to me with news of books, events, musicals, and even, recently, the auction of Maximilian's saddle, and I'd like to be able share these in a dedicated blog. Though I do maintain a webpage, Maximilian von Mexiko, for most of these links, a blog can be a little wider-ranging and open to comments. Furthermore, this blog, Madam Mayo, covers a near-infinity of subjects (basically, whatever happens to interest me), and just as not everyone who is interested in Mexico's Second Empire cares to know about pugs, soundwork, bees, and say, upcoming fiction workshops, not everyone who follows Madam Mayo yearns for every last tidbit about the Second Empire. But there are people who do, so for them--- for you?--- voila. A veces en español también.

First posts include notes on two books:

Charles Blanchot's L'Intervention Francaise au Mexique

Konrad Ratz's Tras las huellas de un desconocido.

More anon.