Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blogs Noted: Lofty Ambitions, Entre los espacios, Too, Becker-Posner, Jane Katra, Bourgeois Dilemma, Book Lady's Blog

Entre los espacios
By Mexican writer Rose Mary Salum, editor of Literal: Latin American Voices, which by the way, has an excellent new issue just out on "Trans-border, Trans-fronterizo".

Lofty Ambitions: Aviation, Science, and Writing as a CoupleBy Douglas DeChow and Anna Leahy, authors of Bombs Away. P.S. Check out their guest-blog for Madam Mayo on aviation museums here.

Mexico City: An Opinionated Guide
By artist and travel writer Jim Johnston. When I get especially exasperated, this helps.

By Sergey Brin, the google guy.

The Becker - Posner Blog
Commentary on economic and legal topics.

Dr. Jane Katra
High vibration. (But what is she doing on MySpace?)

Bourgeois Dilemma
And the dilemmas are nicely numbered.

The Book Lady's Blog
Read novelist Johanna Smith Rakoff's guest-blog post for the Book Lady's Blog on Why I Hate Bookstores-- to which I can, like, totally relate. (Even though I did a guest-blog post for Red Room on my favorite bookstores.) P.S. Read Johanna Smith Rakoff's guest-blog post for Madam Mayo here, and my guest-blog for First Person Plural about guest-blogging here.