Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blogs Noted: Pluma Fronteriza, Araceli Ardón, Colonial Mexico, Writing in the Margins, Southern Cross Review, Elephant Painting Gallery, and more

Pluma Fronteriza
By Raymundo Eli Rojas. Ray writes, "Please share that PF is open to receive book descriptions by Mexican authors."

Thursday Thoughts
Book discussion by novelist Katharine Davis.

Araceli Ardón
By novelist Araceli Ardón. A recent post about robots.

Colonial Mexico
So many surprising little corners of Mexico...

Writing in the Margins
Clara Paulino's musings on a home in between: language, places, ways of seeing.

Southern Cross Review
Eclectic magazine with a regular feature on (of all things) anthroposophy. (P.S. I'm calling it a blog because I want to.)

Elephant Painting Gallery
For real.

Bella on-Line Feng Shui Site by Carol Olmstead
I'm a big fan of Carol's newsletter.