Monday, January 10, 2011

Blogs Noted: Carl Banner, Mummenshanz, Chore Wars, Smaller Box, Juniper Ridge and More

Carl Banner plays Beethoven (brief video). And check out the blog, too: DC Musica Viva, and in particular, You Know You Are An Artist When. (People, please stop saying DC is all about the rat race... )

Beltway's newest issue is now online, the Langston Hughes Tribute Issue, co-edited by Katy Richey and Kim Roberts. Contains 34 poems inspired by Hughes's legacy, commemorating his residence in DC in the early days of his career.

Wish I could have posted this one a couple of weeks ago: via Swiss Miss, the digital story of the Nativity.

Also, via, Mummenshanz.

Mary J. Lohnes' interview with Olga Grushin.

Managing Pain without Drugs... on Squidoo

Gloria Ruentiz, artist in Todos Santos, Baja California Sur

Smaller Box Blog

Todd Caldecott

The 2008 Collapse (Wired)

Chore Wars testimonials

Double Rainbow Maker
For the leprachaun within.

Juniper Ridge
I'm a big fan of their Douglas Fir Tip tea. Wildcrafting: I wonder who came up with that million dollar word? Tres 2011.

Speaking of evergreen: check out Karen Benke's advice on breaking writer's block for NANORIMO.

More anon.