Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blogs Noted: Laura Carmelita Bellmont, The World of Edgar Allan Poe, Julianne Douglas, Leslie Pietrzyk, Adriana Camarena, Bricolage, and More

Laura Carmelita Bellmont
Who will be teaching a 2 day pop-up paper engineering workshop at the Center for Book Arts in NYC, wow. (Yes, MSC, it would be grand to live on CPW. For more on NYC, click here.)

Artist and writer Jim Johnston's Mexico City: An Opinionated Guide: "Mom in Morocco"

Undine's The World of Edgar Allan Poe
See especially "The Reticent Mrs Shelton". So bizarre.

Julianne Douglas's Writing the Renaissance
A new year's resolution post EVERYONE should read.

Adriana Camarena in the Mission
A Mexico City lawyer's interviews in SF.

Via Bricolage, the Keats-Shelley house in Rome has such a beautiful new website it makes me sigh for Rome...

Novelist Leslie "Work-in-Progress" Pietrzyk talks points about her recent writers pow-wow.

Thx Thx Thx
Thx! Viva Thx!

Southern Cross Review
Rudolf Steiner meets 2011

Araceli Ardon: Kurt Wenner in Queretaro

Washington Musica Viva Links page
See especially artist Marilyn Banner's "Expanding Unconscious Sources: A Return to My Inner Self"

Getting the Royal Treatment
So, like, totally true.

And finally: my other blog, Maximilian ~ Carlota, for researchers of the Second Empire / French Intervention, will resume next Tuesday.

Next post: Monday.