Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blogs Noted: Malcolm Beith, Leslie Pietrzyk, Burro Hall, Maria Clara Paulino, Lucinda Mayo, Edie Wilson

Burro Hall
Musing on both the uber-local (Querétaro, large city in central Mexico) and wildly-ranging global issues, such as Querétaro vs Japan and pugs in the Revolution. Caveat to the shivery-hearted: not PC.

Mex Files
By Richard Grabman, who is publishing some very interesting books on Mexico.

Malcolm Beith on the media and the drug "war."

Novelist Leslie Pietrzyk's Work-in-Progress on how to organize your books
Thanks, Leslie, for the mention; readers, check out her many links on this endlessly bloggable subject. (Ay, I should have included a link to Gabriel Zaid's consternating masterpiece, So Many Books.)

Maria Clara Paulino's Writings in the Margins
Out of Portugal.

Edie Wilson's Communication is Innovation.

Holly Wilmeth, Photographer (San Miguel de Allende).

Lucinda Mayo, Textle Artist (Guadalajara).

The daily fix: Swiss-Miss, Seth Godin, Cuteoverload.