Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mexico City Melissa Garden: March 2010

I sometimes feel like I owe a gadzooksalillion e-mails. I fell behind the curve with my booktour back in 2009 and ever since, I feel like I'm just falling farther and farther behind. In part, I know, same as everyone else, I'm just swimming (against? with? ayyy) in the tsunami of the technium. Still, I am keenly aware that behind every e-mail, there is a person, a relationship. So if I owe you an e-mail, please know, well, I'm doing my best. And just as in a chef's mise-en-place, a little break is an important part of the process. Herewith: Picadou, enjoying the Mexico City Melissa Garden (aka my office), this very morning. Right after I took this photo, a hummingbird tried to fly in.