Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sergio Troncoso Writing in Literal on the Loss of Ciudad Juárez

Wednesdays is the usual day for a guest-blog post here at Madam Mayo, but today I'd like to send you elsewhere-- to read Sergio Troncoso's haunting and important essay for Literal Magazine about the loss of Ciudad Juárez.

The Loss of Juárez: How Has the Violence in Juárez Changed Border Culture?

by Sergio Troncoso

Recently I returned home to El Paso, and as we drove back to Ysleta on the Border Highway a sense of sadness overtook me. My kids, Aaron and Isaac, have for two years been clamoring to go to Mexico. They have studied Spanish in New York City, where we live, and their classroom walls are covered with posters from Latin America and Spain. When we return to Ysleta to visit their abuelitos, that is the opportunity to transform the Spanish language and Mexico to more than just academic subjects, to eat an enchilada or an asadero, rather than just to lick your lips at pictures. . . . CONTINUE READING