Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shampa Sinha Writing on on Rumania

Wednesdays is the day for the guest-blog post here on Madam Mayo, but this week, something a little different: a link to "Bucharest and Beyond," Shampa Sinha's article for The Australian. It's an intriguing peek into place undergoing almost unthinkable change, and I'm especially delighted to share this link, for Shampa Sinha was, oh so long ago at the Writer's Center, one of my travel writing workshop participants.

LIKE a giant exotic insect, a large glass clings to the side of an apartment building in the Piata Romana, multicoloured straws emerging from it like tentacles.

From above, an oversized Coke bottle, lying along the building's roof, pours a murky stream of fake beverage.

This, we take it, is the face of the new Bucharest...

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