Monday, April 22, 2013

Cyberflanerie: Eye Opening Edition - Looking Up, Looking at TV, and Looking with the Third Eye

Some looking up over at one of my favorite blogs, medievalist Jeff Sypeck's "Quid Plura?"

The ever energetically generous poet E. Ethelbert Miller hosts a new cable TV show, "The Scholars"

Aura reading of ballerina Maria Tallchief  by human energy field expert Rose Rosetree, who says, Every Photo Is an Aura Photo.

One of the reasons I'm very interested in and admiring of Rose Rosetree's blog posts on aura reading (and by the way, she's the author of several books, including Reading People Deeper) is that applying this paradigm of the human energy field's chakras helps me create fictional characters of greater depth and complexity. The idea of looking at chakras for insight into fictional characters was first explored by another book I warmly recommend, Pamela Jaye Smith's Inner Drives: How to Write and Create Characters Using the Eight Classic Centers of Motivation.

Speaking of eye-opening, the honey you picked up at the grocery store may not be what you think it is. The best way to get good quality honey? Buy it directly from your local backyard beekeeper. And make sure it's raw.

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