Monday, April 04, 2011

Burning Man?

The Playa calls. Maybe. Links to ponder:
>>What Is Burning Man?
>>Brad Templeton's photo panoramas of the Playa and the Burn. (Ayy, looks pretty dusty...)
>>Ten steps to prepare for Burning Man
>>RV? Would be nice to go in a revamped airstream. Maybe rent? (Though this handy checklist (a PDF) makes the whole idea seem a bit daunting.)
>>Or tent? Maybe one of these.
>>Gotta bring a bike.
>>Maybe one of these bikes.
>>Boots, yep.
>>But what about a costume? May this, for a start? And to keep the dust out, a Nubrella? (Might fly off in the breeze...)
>>And a necklace of these...
>>>For food, MREs.
>>2010 Installations
>>2009 Installations
>>2008 Funded Art
>>2007 Art Pavillion

And Michael Christian's artwork is not only amazing, but his is one the quickest loading and well-designed artist websites I've yet seen.

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