Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Carlota's Piano

The Tuesday update is up over at Maximilian ~ Carlota, my blog for researchers, both serious and "armchair," of Mexico's Second Empire, the tumultuous period also known as the "French Intervention."

Carlota's Piano:

So far readers have alerted me to a crystal flute, a saddle, a set of mirrors, and a diamond ring-- and now, Carlota's piano. A fun connection: writer John Randolph Bennett was writing to interview me about Dancing Chiva Literary Arts, my new venture in publishing, among other things, Maximiliana, and in his e-mail he wrote:

"[When] I was a boy growing up in San Jose, CA, we used to buy sheet music as a store called Reid's Music. Somehow they had acquired Empress Carlotta's piano, and they displayed it on a dais in the center of their store. . . CONTNUE READING