Thursday, April 07, 2011

Links Noted: Mexico, Books, Wheat, Peewee Herman, Margaret Atwood on the Anchovies

Margaret Atwood is ablogging. Why the anchovies are restless: her keynote speech for Tools of Change 2011, available as a free video, is well worth watching.

Rachael Laudan offers some context on wheat.

Borderland Beat. Like the title says.

Jose Padua at Shendandoah Breakdown.

And more along the lines of Mondo Barbie: Rick Peabody and Life in the Trenches by DC Poet & King of Iota, Miles David Moore.

Asher Baggott Bode: sounds like a law firm, but it's the website of the successor to Joyce Carol Oates (all respect intended). Thanks, Sandra Gulland, for the tip.

Prophet of Doom James Howard Kunstler asks the perhaps inevitable question, "Why don't we drop Peewee Herman on Libya?"
Read his most recent post here. Seriously, great blog.

Deborah Batterman, "Good Things Come in Threes", in which she recommends 6 Books.

Over at Burro Hall, find out what King Kong, the Gobernator, Osama Bin Laden, Winston Churchill, and the Exorcist have in common.

Fascinating "visual essays" by Franke James.

My favorite feng shui expert Carol Olmstead summarizes my blog post on decluttering a library.