Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Guest-blogger Diane Saarinen on 5 Sassy and Well-Branded Blogs

Brooklyn-based writer and blog tour specialist Diane Saarinen is someone whose praises I often sing, for she did a superb job helping coordinate the fall 2010 blog tour for the paperback edition of my novel, The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire. I've been blogging here at Madam Mayo for four years now, and though I've often blogged about other blogs and blogging as a literary genre, the blogoverse is so expandingly ginormous, there were still-- as Diane showed me-- many outstanding book blogs I'd never heard of, though they've already achieved stratospheric numbers of readers. (And no doubt this is still true, and will always be true. Read more about blog tours and some of the guest-blog posts I wrote for mine here.) Diane Saarinen can be found at the Saima Agency which offers support for the harried writer with author services such as blog tours, virtual assistance, copywriting, and book trailers. The agency recently surveyed book bloggers and has an e-report available on the findings, Best Practices: Pitching Book Bloggers. Over to you, Diane!

By Diane Saarinen

As a blog tour coordinator, I’ve worked closely with my blogging colleagues for a few years now and can tell you that every blogger – and their blog – is unique in the way he or she expresses the passion for reading and sharing opinions. I would imagine, however, that as a new blog publisher, it might be a challenge to stand out from the crowd. Here’s my list of five sassy and well-branded blogs that do just that:

1. Booking Mama Julie Peterson, a.k.a. Booking Mama, has carved a niche out for herself by recommending book club reads. Even her guest posts by authors often relate to book club-related experiences such as memorable readings or unusual insights offered by readers. A nice place for readers who want to connect to find community.

2. Her Circle Ezine Is it a website or a blog? I have a soft spot in my heart for Her Circle Ezine ever since I volunteered there as Blog Producer several years ago. The guest blog posts there are carefully planned and thought out with often unconventional writers offering their viewpoints. Plus it’s an online women’s literary magazine – what’s not to like?

3. The Book Lady’s Blog At first I didn’t understand why Rebecca Joines Schinsky, a.k.a. the Book Lady, was throwing her underwear at authors. However, being a huge Tom Jones fan, it didn’t raise any eyebrows either. Take a look at Rebecca’s site for an example of a blogger having a heckuva good time reviewing books with well-written reviews to support all the fun.

4. Wonders & Marvels The quirkier history is, the more interesting it gets. Wonders & Marvels has the wise, the weird and the wonderful – all in one place. Generous book giveaways as well with multiple copies offered. Truth is stranger than fiction.

5. Speaking of history, how can I forget The Historical Boys ? I’m anticipating historical fiction author C. W. Gortner will get a kick out of being on such a sassy list! Christopher works hard at interviewing other hist-fic authors as well as writing about the latest on research. With his busy writing schedule, he earns even more respect for keeping this blog well updated.

--- Diane Saarinen

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