Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Guest-Blog Wednesday: Richard Jeffrey Newman, Alexandra van de Kamp, Regina Leeds, Susan Coll, Dylan Landis

On Wednesdays I usually post a guest-blog by, usually, another writer with a new book out. The guidelines, which most of them manage to follow, call for a "5 link format"-- that is, 5 recommended links that are in some way relevant to their new book. I love learning more about the books, websites, movies, and museums other writers recommend, and I think that you, dear reader, will too. There's no guest-blog this Wednesday, so here are my top 5 favorite guest-blogs as of today (I might pick a different 5 tomorrow...)

Richard Jeffrey Newman on 5 Sites to Learn More About the Shanameh

Alexandra van de Kamp on 5 Inspiring World Museums

Regina Leeds on 5 Resources to Make a Writer Happy in an Organized Space

Susan Coll's 5 Favorite Comic Novels

Dylan Landis on 5 Magnetic Spaces

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