Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Guest-Blog Wednesday: 5 + 1 Guest-Blog Posts for a European Tour

If you've been following this blog you know I blog more often about Mexico than any place else. But horizons do expand and more than occasionally, in part, and with heart-felt thanks, to my guest-bloggers. This week's guest-blog post, by Berlinica's Dr Eva C. Schweitzer about the Berlin Wall, ran earlier than usual because last Saturday was the 50th (ayyy) anniversary of the building of the wall. So herewith a shout-out to her fascinating guest-blog post, as well as to a five others about Europe:

Novelist Roberta Rich on 5 + 1 Top Books to Inform a 16th century Historical Thriller (The Midwife of Venice)

Translator and writer Kyle Semmel 5 Links "Out of Denmark"

Poet and translator Alexandra van de Kamp 5 Inspiring World Museums

Novelist Dianne Ascroft 5 Novels Featuring Children in WWII

Poet and translator Moira Egan 5 Fun Things to Do Next Time You're in Italy

More anon.

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