Monday, August 29, 2011

Links Noted: Katrina in Vermont, Mrs Easton, Richard Goodman, Pix of Pyongyang, BibliOdyssey, and More

Just back from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Their very interesting Historical Museum has just moved into spiffy new digs.

James Howard Kunstler's blog, Clusterf*ck Nation
Check out what he has to say about Katrina in Vermont

Mrs Easton
Industrial design blog

Richard Goodman's Bicycle Diaries in the New York Times
P.S. Read Goodman's guest-blog post for Madam Mayo.

Design Your Own Cat Tree
Because... why not?

Pix of Pyongyang
Grayly creepy and creepily gray

The History Blog
16th Century Bronze Found on Baja California Coast

An ever-amazing blog, Check out this post on the Chikanobu woodblock prints.

Bookworm on KCRW: John Sayles interview

Cute Overload: How to Find the End of the Universe

Katrina Denza
Literary blog of note