Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Gone to the Litblogs: Chris Abraham's "A Blog of Your Own"

It's just after midnight: Here in DC the Potomac is running so high that-- really -- I got a phone call from the DC government advising me of possible flooding between 9 pm and midnight. (Yes, a phone call!) Earlier this evening, I got in the car to drive up to Chris Abraham's "A Blog of Your Own" workshop at the Writers Center, and when I saw that Rock Creek Expressway was closed going north, I made a U-turn just in time. Spent the evening hauling my priceless collection of Baja California books (many very rare antiques) up out of the basement storage, just in case. I was sorry indeed to miss Chris Abraham's workshop-- I know I haven't begun to figure out the technical aspects of blogging. I was also looking forward to meeting some of my fellow DC area writers who are also bloggers. A little bird told me that Ken Ackerman might be attending... If you've got a blog, check out Chris's website-- he's got wheelbarrows of helpful information for bloggers. To read my previous posts on literary blogging, click here. Hasta pronto.