Friday, June 16, 2006

Monica Lavin's "Day and Night"

Monica Lavin's "Day and Night" was what I read last night at Candida's World of Books at my presentation of Mexico: A Traveler's Companion. A story polished to gem-shine, a kind of elaboration on a timeless myth, "Day and Night" is set in Acapatzingo, a little village near Cuernavaca.(More about it on the National Public Radio website.) Monica Lavin is herself the author of an anthology of Mexican fiction (Points of Departure) and several short story collections and novels, including the much-lauded Cafe cortado. Indeed, she is one of Mexico's most prolific and respected literary writers. Her website,, is in both Spanish and English, and includes a list of all her many books. Here's hoping more of her wonderful work makes its way into English translation. (Translators, please take note!)