Thursday, June 29, 2006

Madam Mayo to Mexico City

Yes, for the Mexican Presidential elections. No, she's not going to blog about it because she is much too busy blogging about ever-so-much more interesting things... for example, Rob Brezsny and the 5 minute writing exercises and anything and everything that has to do with her new book; unusual new books and especially unusual new Mexican books; also, pugs, Baja California, and the occasional Gone to the Litblogs column. (Well, if you must read about the Mexican elections, click here.) On Saturday July 8th she'll be giving a reading and book signing for her new anthology of Mexican fiction and literary prose, Mexico: A Traveler's Literary Companion, at the English/ Spanish bookstore La Sombra del Sabino in Tepoztlan. (Isn't this a neat photo? It's of a market in Neza. Click here to visit Helipilot's webpage and view more of his amazing Mexico City pix.) Back blogging after July 13th. Hasta la vista.