Monday, September 09, 2013

Cyberflanerie: Break the Block Edition with Award-winning Writer Sara Mansfield Taber

My amiga, the fabulously talented writer
Sara Mansfield Taber
Creativity Coaching
and long-time writing workshop leader, Sara Taber is now offering creativity coaching. Here's what she has to say about it on her website:

This is my invitation to you: Come and talk about the life you want to have and the work you want to create. We will work together to make your visions real.
Sessions may include discussion of such issues as:
+ creative aspirations and creativity blocks
+ the isolation of the artist’s life
+ resistance, rejection, recognition, comparison, envy, and other artistic perplexities
+ work-family-creativity balance
+ life transitions
+ child-rearing and parenting
+ sandwich generation challenges: caring for elders, children, and partners, while trying to do one’s creative work
During the life coaching-creativity advising sessions, I provide, according to each person’s need: close listening, mentoring, structure, assignments, writing instruction, writing exercises, art-making activities—or a blend of them all.

There is much more on her website, including links to resources for writers.  Check it out, very highly recommended.

P.S. Listen to my podcast interview with Sara Taber about her many books, including the most recent award-winning memoir, Born Under an Assumed Name.