Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cyberflanerie: Nifty Stuff Edition

Julia Sussner's latest app! (She's my favorite app designer, based in the blazing heart of Palo Alto.) The app, which accompanies an exhibition, "Never Built: Los Angeles," takes a selection of the projects and situates them on a map, creating an interactive experience of the city, as it is, and as it could have been. 
>>Download it now from iTunes here.
(The Trump project may prompt ironic chuckles.)

PS Check out Julia Sussner's guest-blog post on 5 Fabulous Apps to Experience for Yourself

L. Peat O'Neil's Adventure Travel Writer blog
Her joy for travel is infectious, plus heaps of nifty tips.

Dan Gilbert explains the whole happiness thing (but sorry, Dan, I would still rather win the lottery than end up a paraplegic...) Seriously, this is one of the best TED Talks ever.

The Archdruid Takes Us 10 Billion Years Into the Future
No need to smoke anything, folks. 

Via Real Delia, Jane Friedman's talk (video) on audience development for writers.
(very sandwich-worthy).  

La Bloga: Las Mujeres:
Lorna Dee Cervantes, Rosemary Catacalos, and María Espinosa
Una celebración.

Writer Beth Kephart's very thoughtful blog

No cookie search-o-rama! DuckDuckGo 

Link without affecting page rank (kind of evil, maybe sometimes in a good way)

Recommended by Cool Tools (another favorite blog): The Yeti for podcasters.

More anon.

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