Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CRITICAL MASS: Introducing the NBCC's Best Recommended

"CRITICAL MASS: Introducing the NBCC's Best Recommended" lists five books of fiction, all--- all?! (excuse me while I have a minor irony-laced fit of semi-serious feminist apoplexy)--- by men. Really, guys, huh? Did ya think we were all baking cookies now? And the nonfiction list needs to include Nancy Marie Brown's The Far Traveler. But how much influence does the NBCC (National Book Critics Circle) have? I think I'm a member... I can't recall whether or not I sent my dues in... anyway, the NNYCSABG (Not New York Centered Self-Appointed Book Gurus) over at Shelfari and Good Reads may become far more influential, even among the literari. (Herewith a link to a thoughtoid-ish blog post on that topic.) Sorry to pop your balloon, guys. I do love Edwidge Danticat's writing, though. In fact, I included one of her short stories--- as translated by the sublime Pura Lopez Colome, in the first issue of Tameme. Speaking of which, I'm off to New York City for the AWP bookfair, where I'll be at the Tameme table. More anon.