Monday, January 14, 2008

Guest-Blogger Jeff Sypeck on Other Writers' Blogs

Re: writers blogs. There are more of them everyday--- but which are the ones worth reading, and why? A very good one I've recently begun reading is Jeff Sypeck's, Quid Plura. He's the author of Becoming Charlemagne: Europe, Baghdad, and the Empires of A.D. 800 and he blogs about medievalism, translation, Icelandic literature, Beowulf, Arthuriana, Washington DC--- where he lives--- and more. So, what writers' blogs does Jeff Sypeck read? Here's his answer:
With his "Whatever" blog, science-fiction novelist John Scalzi attracts fans and fellow authors alike to his thriving comments section.

Based in New Jersey, Steven Hart is a nonfiction author who blogs daily about American music, movies, and culture. These days, he's busy promoting The Last Three Miles, a really good book about the building of a really ugly highway.

Lee Goldberg works as a writer and television producer; he also writes media tie-in novels. Pointed and prolific, he offers a Hollywood's-eye view on such subjects as the writers' strike, vanity presses, and fan fiction.

Contemporary Nomad is a lively group blog that features regular postings by Canadian nonfiction author John Nadler; Budapest-based American novelist Olen Steinhauer; British spy-thriller author Kevin Wignall; and journalist Robin Hunt. They blog frequently about writing, publishing, and the expat experience.

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