Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Way People Buy and Discuss Books

According to Jeff Gomez, author of that fascinating slap-on-the-head of a book, Print is Dead, the Internet... "will also-- and already has--- changed the way people buy, learn about and discuss books." Via blogs-- of course. And in particular, he mentions three social networking sites devoted to books:
Library Thing
Good Reads
Interesting, no? But with all these exploding social networking sites, Facebook and MySpace and more, not to mention Squidoo and de.icio.us, Madam Mayo is starting to feel what the Mexicans call "empacho." She just wants to turn it all off and go read a book. So, more anon. After some (nondigital) reading, that is. And what is Madam Mayo reading? The Far Traveler.

UPDATE November 2017: I have for the most part abandoned social media as I have found it to be an annoyingly addictive, mindless, and attention-fracturing time waste-- a formula for NOT reading books. Print is not dead! Print is both the present and the future for anyone who wants quality information and to enjoy quality literary art. That may be a dwindling minority of the population (seems most people have turned into smombies) but that's OK: There are still billions of people, and still thousands upon thousands of thoughtful and avid readers. Begosh, some of them actually use typewriters, too.

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