Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yet Not Ready for Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, et al...

To all my amigos who've been inviting me to "friend" them on Facebook--- thank you! You know I love you! But would that, with this blog, two websites, and a novel to finish, I had time to tackle Facebook... Anyway, as for blogging, my fellow panel participant on the upcoming Washington Independent Writers All Day Fiction Conference, Deborah Ager, has what looks like an excellent post on how to use Facebook. Check it out. And maybe, with her advice in hand, I'll get to signing up for Facebook later this year. Or, maybe not. Meantime, I hereby "friend" y'all on this here blog post.

UPDATE 3-5-2008: Yes, I do have pages on FaceBook and Linked In, but they're inactive for now. Re: Time to Blog & Read Blogs & Everything Else Everywhereallthetime