Sunday, January 27, 2008

What Makes Great Blogging? Madam Mayo's Embryonic List o' Links

As I'm going to be chairing the panel on writers blogs at the February 9th Washington Independent Writers All-Day Fiction Seminar, I'm putting together a list of links to good tips on blog writing. So far:

---> Over at Copyblogger:
"...there’s no doubt in my mind that [Mark Twain] would make an excellent blogger. Actually, he’d likely be a blogging guru..." READ MORE

---> Over at Write to Done:
"Remember, blogwriting isn’t the same as writing fiction, or journalism, or magazine writing. There are similarities, of course, but blogwriting is a literary form in itself..." READ MORE.

--->Over at Inner Diablog:
"For me, the best bloggers − the ones that typify the medium and its unique form of exposition − are more than just 'air guitar journalists'. Two of my own literary heroes, Samuel Pepys (OP) and the more recently late Jean Baudrillard in their own ways both pointed towards to a new style of writing that consciously moves out towards the edge of discussion (or the long tail if you must) often adopting "controlled chaos" as the chosen idiom..." READ MORE

--->Hello out there, any suggestions?