Monday, January 21, 2008


Re: the whole mega-ginormously exploderific social networking (Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace, YouTube, ad lib, ad nauseum) Web 2.0 thing--- the other day, Madam Mayo discovered Squidoo. She made two so-called "lenses" (one on writing and the other on Mexican literature), two hours later came up for air, and has since decided that jeee-zus, diggit if you must, stumble it if you will, and it if you please.... But it's all too-too-too much muchness. I've taken to telling friends that, information-wise, I feel like a peasant who'd had only moldy potatoes to eat--- and then one day, they put me in a Rolls Royce, ferry me into Whole Foods and say, kiddo, whatever you want, have at it. Um. Eh. Er. Burp.