Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Alfredito, Mexico's Most Beautiful Bird

Isn't he gorgeous? This is Alfred, my Amazon parrot who now lives with M.S.C. in Mexico City (because when I moved to Washington DC I couldn't take him across the border). Alfred fell in love with M.S.C. at first sight. He just hopped right up onto her finger. (Usually, he bites people.) This was not good for Madam Mayo's ego, but very nice for her heart, because it is important that Alfred be happy! M.S.C. writes that Alfred has been listening to the audio CD by David Rothenberg, "Why Birds Sing." This includes Rothenberg's duets with real birds. It's a strangely fascinating series of recordings. (So, why do birds sing? In his book, Why Birds Sing, Rothenberg concludes after a profound examination of the research, that, well, maybe it's because they like to.) Alfred likes to SCREAM SO LOUD YOU NEED TO COVER YOUR EARS. Maria Callas is his fave. Placido Domingo is OK, too.