Saturday, May 13, 2006

Golb is Blog spelled Backwards or, Picadou, Blogged

Yes, dog is God spelled backwards. I recently released an audio CD about my dog: "The Essential Francisco Sosa or, Picadou's Mexico City", a reading of my essay in Creative Nonfiction. After having published books and a literary journal, it's been an interesting experience to do an audio CD, and at just the moment when blogs are taking off as a review venue (on that subject, check out Scott Esposito's "Friday Column" over at his litblog, Conversational Reading). One of the things I did to help promote the audio CD was guest blogging the column "If I Had an ipod" for Wendi Kaufman's The Happy Booker. Several other blogs mentioned the audio CD-- not only "litblogs," but blogs on travel, fashion, and dogs. Here are a few:
AnimaMundi ~ Gridskipper ~Just My Cup of Tea ~Moleskinerie ~ 3rd House Journal~Insurgent Muse~
Blue Poppy~Fashion Tribes
A portion of all sales of this CD benefit Presencia Animal, a Mexico City dog and cat rescue organization. Just yesterday, I got word they rescued a black pug.