Tuesday, May 16, 2006

E. Ethelbert Miller: Borders Are So 19th Century

Speaking of litblogs, I like to check in with DC poet E. Ethelbert Miller's blog "E-Notes" every once in a while. As editor of Tameme, I zoomed right in on this--- posted last night:
Borders are so 19th century....Are we living upside down? Our world is changing. Electronic technology, internet, and just the flow of information is changing how we live and what we believe in. So maybe the next language of the US is Spanish. What were Native Americans speaking when Europeans landed? Things change and I'm talking about evolution and revolution. Look at how the food we eat has changed in the last several years. Talking about speaking English most of us sound like characters in BladeRunner. We speak a mish mish of sounds. Has anyone be on the 70 bus lately? We don't even write English without adopting the various changes in language. Just like yesterday in that A & The Bee movie. Akeelah uses the word dis and finds it in the dictionary. Why? Because the dictionary expands to embrace the new language that we speak. We need to realize that in the 21st Century we might move beyond North, South and Central America. It's going to be just ONE America. The new language might just be Spanish. Already we see English speaking black people falling behind Spanish speaking Black folks. Soon we will be behind the people coming out of Brazil. Don't jump in front of the moving train and wave your hands. The train won't stop for you. Oh, and if you give one person a National ID card -you'll have to give everyone one. We knew this was coming. Smile at the camera and talk into your phone. The government LOVES YOU.