Sunday, May 14, 2006

Washington's New Journo-Literary Genre

This is way inside the Beltway... For the Washington Independent Writers Conference June 10th I am scheduled to participate on a panel with William O'Sullivan, Leslie Pietrzyk, and political commentator Mike Long, whom I had never heard of... I may live in Washington, but I admit, I spend my waking hours in Literary La-La Land. For this WIW panel, I am going to be talking about the value and how-to of publishing novelistic/ poetic / quirky/ essays in literary journals such as Creative Nonfiction, Fourth Genre, and the like, while Mike Long is going to talk about something that actually rakes in some bucks: In Opinion and, I imagine, In Opinion's trade marked "One Word Editorials". Here's a hot-off-the-website sample of this new journo-literary genre:
05/11/06: YaThink?
One reason President Bush enjoys such Carteresque popularity (besides the weirdly similar gas prices) is that his own conservative base is starting to get a tad miffed. We know this because The Washington Post discovered it and put it on the front page. Never mind the howls when... click to read more...
Yep, there's a blog, too. Well, it's "good night & good luck" for me here in Foggy Bottom. Back blogging on May 16th.