Friday, May 12, 2006

Cupa News

This just in:
---> Novelist Leslie Pietrzyk signals excellent interview in Blackbird with novelists Ann Patchett and Elizabeth McCracken.
---> For my May 14th one day Revision workshop at the Bethesda MD Writers Center click here.
---> MonkeyBicycle features Mexican author Edgar Aviles's short stories with English translations by Toshiya Kamei.
---> DC travel writer Rick Kinnaird advises: "Pology’s world culture blog is thriving."
---> New Baja blog: Diane's Baja Garden Desert Blog.
---> New litblog: DC poet and activist Sarah Browning.
---> Relative keeps Madam Mayo humble:
"I've got your book in my 'shopping cart' at Amazon along with the Waterpik AccuReach Precision Massager. I'm trying to find something else to buy so I will spend enough to get free shipping. Might take me a few weeks."