Thursday, May 11, 2006

Chapbooks on My Mind: Tameme, Chapbookfinder & Momotombo

Madam Mayo has chapbooks on her mind. First of all because I am gearing up to publish Tameme's first chapbook-- a bilingual (Spanish/ English) short story by Mexican writer Agustin Cadena. Second, because we are putting out the word about Tameme's call for submissions for the second chapbook. Third: I recently heard from poet Elaine Sexton over at -- check that out, it's one of the most original and valuable literary ventures I've yet seen. And finally, because I have in hand Momotombo Press's crisply elegant new chapbook--- so new it's not even on the website yet--- Malinche's Daughter, essays by Michelle Otero with an introduction by Lisa D. Chavez and edited by Richard Yanez. Momotombo Press was founded by poet Francisco Aragon.... who writes to me, "I hear you have a blog!" Madam Mayo does indeed, and she keeps it on a leash and it's nicely behaved.