Friday, May 12, 2006

Edna Spokane: A Select Few Blogs + Frog

A postcard with a grizzly bear in a tutu has just arrived: Peripatetic turban-wearing performance artist Edna Spokane says she has been reading these blogs: Dada Nation; Dear Leader's Daily Thought; Super Frenchie; David Byrne; & Madam Mayo. Madam Mayo is flattered, but unsure whether to believe her, as word is, Edna, who has been living out of her 1976 watermelon-pink Rolls Royce of a Winnebago, does not own a computer. Is Edna hanging out again at the Kinko's in Fairbanks? If she does what she did last time, my bet is, she'll get herself arrested. She says she just bought 27 tubes of cadmium yellow and a battery-operated frog.