Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Cupa Blog News

This just in:
--->Translator Toshiya Kamei signals Hilda Veznor's La Canasta, an excellent Spanish language blog on literary translation.
--->Yet another new blog-- and this also looks like a very good one: Critical Mass, the National Book Critics Circle blog, featuring publishing and criticism news and commentary, noteworthy reviews, tips, useful products, and anything else NBCC related.
--->Revived blog: Washington DC poet Bernadette Geyer's.
--->Noteworthy blog: Jeffrey Mishlove's blog is slower than treacle than on a cold day, but the content is pure candy for anyone into the human potential thing, which I am. Message to Dr Mishlove: I am so glad you are blogging, but please change to blogger.com or typepad.